Simplify Payments

Fintech provides alcohol retailers a secure, hassle-free way to pay alcohol deliveries electronically.

How often are store managers called to write a check for an alcohol delivery? Our electronic system streamlines your alcohol payments - eliminating the need for checks, cash, money orders, or escrow accounts. The process alleviates business interruptions and speeds up deliveries by an average of 15 minutes each time you receive alcoholic beverage products.[1]   

Ensure Compliance

With over two decades of experience in the alcohol industry, we know that regulatory payment compliance is a top priority for every alcohol retailer that sells beer, wine, or spirits.

In over 25 years, Fintech has managed hundreds of millions of beverage alcohol payments totaling close to $200 billion, every one of which has kept our clients compliant with complex payment rules that are different in every State. With Fintech as your partner,  you can be confident that payments will be made on time, every time, allowing you to focus on your team and your customers.

Track Alcohol Purchasing Data

Lastly, to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying, our automated notifications provide a detailed view of every alcohol invoice and credit that comes through your doors – whether you have one location or a million.

And with our advanced reporting we’ll even provide you the tools necessary to identify top selling products and potential savings among your invoices. We’re confident our data will lead to extra money in your pocket. 

[1] BIECC reference (Beer Industry Electronic Commerce Coalition)