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Fintech Strengthens Partnership with North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association

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Fintech Strengthens Partnership with North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association

Tampa, FL, Monday, February 04, 2019 – Fintech, the leading resource for beverage alcohol management and regulatory information, will continue to strengthen their partnership with the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (NCRLA). This collaboration provides NCRLA restaurateurs, hoteliers, alcohol distributors, and other members, access to Fintech’s integrated platform built specifically for beverage alcohol management and resource connectivity. Fintech users grow their profit margins through clear visibility into alcohol purchasing habits with personalized analytic reports and reconciliation products designed to help manage their beverage alcohol category.

“We’re proud to have NCRLA as a trusted partner. They understand the value of anticipating client needs and strive to develop relationships that offer hospitality business owners access to the resources and solutions necessary to support their growth. This partnership has already helped so many clients, and we look forward to continuing that success.” said Tad Phelps, President of Fintech.

“Fintech aligns perfectly with our goal to provide our members with money-saving programs that support the growth and success of their businesses,” said Lynn Minges, President and CEO of NCRLA. “They fit perfectly into our portfolio of recommended solutions, and many of our members who use Fintech are experiencing significant time and money savings. We are eager to promote this solution as a benefit to all our members.”

The combination of resources offered through this partnership creates a powerhouse of knowledge and insight to support the North Carolina hospitality community. This official alliance adds to NCRLA’s initiative to deliver unprecedented support and valued benefits to their membership base.


The North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association (NCRLA) is the uniting force of the North Carolina hospitality industry. We bring together restaurant and lodging establishments and industry partners who support the NC hospitality community. We impact legislation and policies, cultivate relationships, and provide valuable resources to help our members run their business. At NCRLA, our collective voice becomes stronger and our impact far greater than any single business or operator could be alone. North Carolina restaurants, lodging establishments and suppliers comprise the membership of the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association.

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Fintech, the leading solutions provider for beverage alcohol management, and regulatory information resource, offers a OneSource® solution with a suite of profit-building products and services for alcohol distributors and retailers.

With decades of industry experience offering unwavering dependability and trust, Fintech empowers users with information to increase margins and maximize operating efficiencies within their beverage alcohol category.  By anticipating client needs, nurturing relationships, and growing partnerships within the industry, Fintech continues to deliver cutting-edge, strategic solutions that range from purchase order management, reconciliation, and data reporting, to pricing and promotion communication, payment compliance adherence, and regulatory resource connectivity. 

Working with thousands of alcohol distributors nationwide, Fintech links distributors to alcohol retailers, and manages data transformation for over half a million relationships, adding thousands of connections every month. For more information on how Fintech can better your business, visit our website and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn