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Fintech Welcomes New Customers, Adding More than 13,800 Relationships and 55 New Distributors in May

Tampa, FL, June 12, 2018 – Processing $2.6 billion in payments for its beverage alcohol retailers and distributors in May, Fintech continues to lead the industry in providing regulatory information and a comprehensive OneSource®

solution for nationwide beverage alcohol management. Important developments included welcoming a number of new clients with locations across the country.

The addition of more than 13,800 new relationships in May adds to the company’s total, now exceeding 500,000, processing with over 3,400 alcohol distributor partners. Several leading national retail chains and long-time Fintech clients including Kroger, AMC Entertainment, Pump N Pantry, Trader Joe's, Dos Toros Taqueria, The Lost Cajun, and Westgate Resorts continued using Fintech OneSource to increase efficiency and profitability by onboarding new locations.
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Fintech also welcomed numerous new clients attracted by top-notch customer service, profit-building analytics, and unrivaled distributor coverage.
New clients selecting Fintech’s OneSource solution throughout May included:
Seagate Hospitality Group
Seagate Hospitality Group chose Fintech in May to help manage their beverage alcohol category.

BRIM Kitchen + Brewery
BRIM Kitchen + Brewery is a sustainable restaurant dedicated to fresh and simple food and drinks. Last month they joined Fintech to help streamline their alcohol purchasing processes.

Saltwater Cowboys
Saltwater Cowboys is known for their fresh seafood and BBQ selections. They've chosen to launch Fintech’s OneSource solution to enhance their business by gaining better visibility into the way they purchase alcohol.
Alco is a gas service and convenience store based in North Carolina. They have introduced Fintech to simplify their invoice payment and alcohol purchasing processes.

Eco Golf Club
Eco Golf Club has selected Fintech to maximize operating efficiencies and increase profits. Eco Golf Club is known for their beautiful South Florida course.

Larkins On The River
Last month, Larkins On The River implemented Fintech. The award winning Greenville restaurant will now use Fintech to help make alcohol purchasing easier. 

In addition, Fintech also welcomed hundreds of independent retailers over the last month.
55 New Fintech Distributors
Last month, 55 distributors adopted Fintech’s regulated commerce solution to increase operational efficiencies and simplify collections. Fintech provides customized invoice information and electronic payments for distributors of all sizes - including craft brewers, small batch distilleries, boutique wineries, and the nation’s largest beer, wine, and spirits wholesalers. Fintech enables distributors to streamline business processes and receive every payment in full and on time.
Distributors who enrolled in Fintech in May include:

DUO Winery & Cider Co.
DUO Winery & Cider Co. is a Texas based, family owned winery and known for their private events and live music performances. In May, they chose Fintech to facilitate distributor initiated payments for their alcohol invoices. 

Laughing Monk Brewing
Last month, Laughing Monk Brewing brought their business on board. They've introduced Fintech to help simplify their beer invoice payment collection and business processes.

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company
10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company is a premier distillery located in Vail, Colorado. They now use Fintech to help their retailers stay in compliance through the use of PaymentSource™.

Ambrosia Chilena
Ambrosia Chilena is an importer and distributor of fine, Chilean wines based in Seattle. They've brought Fintech’s OneSource on board to help with their wine deliveries.

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About Fintech
Fintech, the leading solutions provider for beverage alcohol management, and regulatory information resource, offers a OneSource solution with a suite of profit-building products and services for alcohol distributors and retailers. 

With decades of industry experience offering unwavering dependability and trust, Fintech empowers users with information to increase margins and maximize operating efficiencies within their beverage alcohol category. By anticipating client needs, nurturing relationships, and growing partnerships within the industry, Fintech continues to deliver cutting-edge, strategic solutions that range from purchase order management, reconciliation, and data reporting, to pricing and promotion communication, payment compliance adherence, and regulatory resource connectivity. 

Fintech manages over 500,000 industry relationships and services more than 3,400 distributors nationwide, adding hundreds of clients every month. For more information on how Fintech can better your business, visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

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