Joe Kwo - Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Joe is a strategic business leader with a very strong technology background and international experience. Joe enables technology to ensure business objectives are met; technology should be an enabler, not a hindrance. At the same time, he helps navigate the business through the treacherous, sometimes confusing, new technology frontiers to ensure technology related decisions are made based on solid business and common sense. Joe’s mantra is "Technologically, almost anything is possible; what you have to consider first is whether it makes sense or not for your business to implement the technology. Use business sense and common sense while looking at it quantitatively as well as qualitatively."

Joe believes that technology, even with all its rapid advancements, is very simple although not easy; it is the people side of technology that is complex. That complexity includes culture, personalities, communication skills, personal preferences, and mixed/conflicting/partial messages delivered by people in the technology realm. The right people with the right leadership make the right technology work. This belief has led Joe to strive to help people succeed in what they do, both in technology and business, by providing the right environment and resources that enable success; how much a person helps others succeed is a good barometer of how successful that person is. Joe puts emphasis on the soft skills and emotional intelligence as the necessary foundation to developing people operating in a success mode.  

Joe Kwo earned his undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, and Decision Information System from the University of Florida. Joe completed his MBA program summa cum-laude at the University of South Florida where his team won the University of South Florida Business Case Competition. His team went on to win State of Florida Business Case Competition.