Fintech Management Team

The Fintech management team is led by a core group of executives that collectively offer a wealth of expertise in electronic commerce, financial services, treasury development, restaurant and hospitality management, and systems design and development.

Scott Riley

Scott P. Riley - Chief Executive Officer

Scott Riley owned an advertising agency serving over 30 clients for whom he developed and created national advertising/trade campaigns. The agency was sold to a national advertising agency. Scott's broadcast industry expertise is also derived from his tenure as a Regional Manager for a TV and radio broadcast group, as well as his co-ownership and management of Special Events International. Scott was also instrumental in the development of the Real Estate Channel on cable TV. Click here to read full biography
Joe Kwo - Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Joe is a strategic business leader with a very strong technology background and international experience. Joe enables technology to ensure business objectives are met; technology should be an enabler, not a hindrance. At the same time, he helps navigate the business through the treacherous, sometimes confusing, new technology frontiers to ensure technology related decisions are made based on solid business and common sense. Click here to read full biography.

Buck Jones
Buck Jones - Chief Financial Officer
Buck Jones joined Fintech in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer. Previously, Buck had been CFO of two financial service companies -- OKRA Marketing, whose database marketing software was used by financial institutions to craft marketing campaigns; and American Growth Finance, a commercial factor. In addition, he spent 25 years as an investment banker with J.C. Bradford & Co., William R. Hough & Co., and Robert W. Baird & Co. Click here to read full biography.

Chad Hardwick
Chad Hardwick - Senior Vice President, Sales
Chad Hardwick is responsible for sales and strategic alliances at Fintech and joined the company in 2002. Chad is widely recognized in the industry for his sales and marketing leadership, and has developed many successful long-term relationships with key national accounts such as Walgreen's, Joe's Crab Shack, Applebee's, Hyatt, Texas Roadhouse, and Murphy Oil. Prior to joining Fintech, Chad began his career working in restaurant operations and marketing. Click here to read full biography.
Walter Pickel
Walter E. Pickel, Jr. - Vice President, Product Development
Walter Pickel joined Fintech in October of 2000 as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer and principal author of Fintech FTX, bringing over 10 years of management expertise and over 6 years of electronic commerce experience received from working for leading electronic commerce service providers such as SupplyTech, Harbinger and QRS. Walter is responsible for the management, development and introduction of all new products. Click here to read full biography.

Ron Floto
Ron Floto - Director of Strategic Development
Ron Floto joined Fintech in May 2009 as Director of Strategic Development. His primary responsibilities are to expand Fintech's customer base and to introduce Fintech's new products to current customers. Most recently, Ron lived in Hong Kong and held the position of CEO and was on the Board of Directors of Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited. Click here to read full biography.

Benjamin Boehm

Benjamin Boehm – Vice President, Finance

Ben Boehm joined Fintech in December 2008 as Vice President of Finance.  His primary responsibilities are to manage the banking, customer support, and accounting functions at Fintech.  These responsibilities include being well versed in NACHA operating rules, overseeing the movement of funds between retailers and distributors, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality of service and maintaining the company’s financial records.  Click here to read full biography.

Rich Verrecchia
Richard Verrecchia - Vice President, Fintech Analytics
Richard Verrecchia joined Fintech in June 2010 as Vice President of Fintech Analytics. His primary responsibilities are to bring analytical solutions to Fintech's current customers and expand its current client base for analytics. A 26 year veteran of the restaurant industry, Richard started his career with the industry giant of the '80s and '90s TGIFriday's. Click here to read full biography.

Brooke Cote
Brooke Belcher - Vice President, Solutions Development
As Vice President of Solutions Development at Fintech, Brooke Belcher focuses on the creation and implementation of Fintech's comprehensive OneSource® solution. Brooke anticipates clients' needs, to bring new profit-building products to the market as well as manage existing program innovations and improvements. Click here to read full biography.